Exciting Announcement!

The Nomad Singer is blossoming into something more wonderful!



Be Well. Be Beautiful. Be Fed. Be Adventurous. Be Curious.
Be You.


I hope all of you who have enjoyed my blog posts will come visit the new landing page of the NOMADiva and sign up to continue receiving the latest! I will no longer be publishing from this blogsite!

Full website launching in EARLY 2015!




The NOMADiva will be your favorite resource for living life to the fullest, naturally and beautifully, when you are on the road, or at home. 

Be Well.

Treat your body with the love and devotion it deserves, no matter where on earth you may be. Fitness for the busiest professional in the smallest hotel room. Clarity of mind for the weary traveler. Relief from stress for the anxious flyer.

Be Beautiful.

Refine your beauty regimen with natural time-tested practices to bring out your inner glow. Indulge in carefully selected organic skincare and haircare products, guaranteed to be made without harsh chemicals, fragrances, preservatives or other irritants. Get recommendations on trusted brands all over the world, so you don’t have to sacrifice your natural beauty when you are traveling.

Be Fed.

Allow your body to be nourished with what it naturally craves. The path to health begins and ends with a healthy diet. Don’t let a long flight, a new city, a foreign country or a busy schedule stop you from feeding your body what it needs. Simple and easy nutrient-dense recipes to make and bring all places. Guidelines for finding your way to nourished health.

Be Adventurous.

Get out there! See the world! The NOMADiva will help you stay on track while you do! Organic shopping and eating guides by city, and trustworthy brands and chains by country.

Be Curious.

Want to know what the NOMADiva is up to? Where in the world is she now, and what is she singing? Find out what she is reading, what she is eating, her current favorite yoga pose, and what organic goody she’s pampering herself with. Subscribe to the NOMADiva’s blog!

Be You.

After all, you are the only you. That is a beautiful thing. Are you a like-minded diva? Feel like we were separated at birth? Have some wisdom to share? Join the NOMADiva community as a guest blogger! Or, do you have a “unique to you” question for the NOMADiva? I don’t know all the answers, but I will do my very best to respond with the best advice I can muster.




Traveling the world, one opera house at a time. For more information on the NOMADiva‘s professional pursuits and achievements, please visit www.KathrynLewek.com.


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