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Cherry Blossoms, Monuments, and Opera – OH MY!

Magic Flute at Washington National Opera has it’s final performance tomorrow afternoon, and then we will head home to our little Connecticut seaside gem on Monday for the first time in over 4 months.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve literally been AROUND the world and back since January, with so many new adventures to remember and cherish.  I am very ready for a few hermit-like weeks at home, and despite lots of work to do on new roles I am learning for this summer in Austria and next season, it will undoubtedly feel a bit like a vacation. What’s the saying? “Home is where ‘my bed’ is”, right?

But before we leave our great nation’s capitol, here are some images of our explorations here!

We arrived at the beginning of April just in time to see the famous cherry blossoms! We were lucky they were a little late this year because of the terribly horrendous life-crushing winter. (We were also lucky to have MISSED the terribly horrendous life-crushing winter… instead, enjoying locales like New Orleans, Hawaii and Australia!) It was odd, bidding farewell to the waning summer days of Tasmania and being greeted with the bursting beauty of fresh springtime (and pollen) here in DC! Every tree was heavy with these gorgeous blossoms!  The cherries really run the roost around here, but an honorable mention goes to the magnolias – and the apples too!









Tom and Noir and I took several long walks around the famous monuments at the National Mall, and since dogs aren’t allowed inside the boundaries of many of the monuments, he spent most of his time snuggling inside my purse, where he seems happier than when he’s using his own four legs to walk.


The White House!


I had my very first TV interview to promote WNO’s Magic Flute on the funky Arch Campbell Show on ABC7! Here we are in front of the green screen!

Katie reads a letter

Katie bids Arch adieu


And then there was the opera!  Here I am singing The Queen of the Night in Washington National’s The Magic Flute!


And the after-party of opening night! Isn’t my date a handsome dude?


And the cherry on top was a little one-on-one time with this incredible lady: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg!


It’s been an amazing 6 weeks here in Washington D.C!

Next stop… THE BEACH!


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