Opera, Paleo

Opera Style Synopsis of the Paleo Lifestyle: For Fun!

I am an opera singer.

I make no claims to be a nutrition expert or a Paleo Guru, so here’s a little operatic synopsis of the Primal/Paleo diet and lifestyle for your entertainment.

Act I

10,000+ years ago, a svelte cave girl whose inner health radiates with luminosity, thrives on gathering plants and hunting wild game. Everything she consumes plays an important nourishing role in her physical and mental well-being. She lives in harmony with nature and she sings a lot, obviously.  She spends time in the sunshine, and she sleeps a lot. She relaxes in front of a roaring fire every night with her family and friends, and she worries once in a while that her boyfriend might get eaten by a giant cat, and sometimes she has to run really fast to get away from a giant cat.  Other than that, she’s doing really well, and through the generations “she” is evolving rapidly because she and her friends are so healthy and happy. Act I ends with a joyful ensemble number about their success as a species.

Act II

Approximately 10,000 years ago, the people have settled and start making lots of bread. It seems like a cheap and easy way to feed a growing population. Later on, they begin getting sick all the time because the majority of their diets are made up of processed grain-based foods with added refined sugar. Someone sings a lament about the population being plagued with disease. The people lose track of what is truly nourishing to their bodies.  They begin spending most of their time indoors during the daylight hours. They don’t get enough sleep. Someone else sings a rage aria because the society’s mental health has declined. The mis-led doctor sings a boldly convincing and richly sung demise of the egg yoke and at the end of the act, a soprano delivers a chilling mad-scene about her struggles to lead a happy and healthy life on a low-fat diet.


A few people begin to analyze the relationship between the population’s eating habits and their plague of illness.  They discover that the human body develops insulin resistance when it’s overloaded with gluten and refined sugar, and that our digestive tracts are not designed to easily and smoothly process abrasive foods like legumes and whole grains, and that many people cannot cope with the type of sugars found in dairy.  Some people continue to blindly consume SAD foods (Standard American Diet), blaming their maladies on genetics or bad luck. The few people who have returned to eating as our paleolithic ancestors did find freedom from being a slave to our health and wellbeing. They enjoy the challenge of seeking the best nourishment that our amazing planet can offer, and strive to live in balance and harmony with nature and the modern world. And there is a lot of singing. A. LOT.

This post will become a permanent part of my blog under “Lifestyle”!

For a more scientific or in depth look at this lifestyle, I invite you to peruse the blogs and websites that I’ve shared on my links page.


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